There are now 6.6 million households in Britain experiencing fuel poverty [defined as spending 10% or more of household income on gas and electricity] with more than one million of these in Scotland.  We campaign against these exorbitant charges on Livingston on Thursday lunchtimes and on Princes Street on Friday and Saturday lunchtimes. Please come along to sign the petition at our stalls. Click here to read more about this issue.

Colin Fox is our lead candidate in the Lothians.  Read about him here
Unemployment is on the rise.  What's the real cost?
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What are the Scottish Socialist Party all about?

If you are interested in an economy run for the good of the people, then you have found the party for you in the SSP.

We stand up for the people of Scotland where and when it matters.  We are against the profit-first agenda which works against ordinary working people and common sense in almost every field that matters.  Think of the low-standard minimum wage versus boardroom bonuses; think of the poor quality and dwindling numbers of council housing;  think about the money our government is spending on rebuilding our own weapons of mass destruction, and of the imperial wars we wage to protect our  supposed interests abroad; think of the environmental damage done to our oceans, our air, soil, wildlife and lungs.  The list could go on some distance yet.

Will you stand with us on these issues?  Join the party today and make a real difference.

When our MSPs were in the Scottish Parliament they stood for the same values the party stands for today.  The SSP were integral to the abolition of warrant sales and poindings, and they instigated the policies on free school meals and an end to prescription charges.

These policies can’t simply be magicked out of thin air: they only came about because people joined the party and supported the SSP at the ballot box.  Join us today to help us shape our policies and help elect the next wave of SSP MSPs.  Click here to join us now.

This website covers Edinburgh North, Edinburgh South, West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders.  Members from these branches visit this site to post updates and keep informed about SSP activities in the local area.

Why don’t you read what the SSP stands for?  You may be surprised.

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